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There are three important things if you want to be successful in your field. First of all, you must have passion to do all of your work. You will face such boring situation in your daily routine such as; lecturing, assignments and so on. Don’t let the laziness breakout all of your plans! It is hard to maintain the spirit, but don’t give up. Keep fighting and struggling.
Second, people who have talent are able to do things well than people who don’t have it. That’s should be matched between talent and interest in order to maximize your study. How wise if you consider that before choosing a certain department.
At last but not least, you have to discipline yourself to reach your goals. You must obey the rules, order in the class and control your behavior, especially the relationship with your friend. Respect your lecturer and try to attend all of the class! Don’t miss the subject because of an important reason!

Rahmi Salisa Himawati


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How to be a Good Student

Being a good student is a desire of every student. But, not every student can get their desire. In my opinion, there are some ways to be a good student. First is discipline. Discipline is one of some ways to be a good student. As a student, we should go to school on time, submit our assignment on time. So our learning process is not disturbed.
Second, to reach our desire to be a good student, we should study diligently. We should study everyday, not only when we get homework, assignment or when we get examination. Studying diligently is one way to be smart student. Being a good student will make our parents and our teacher proud to us.

by Niken Nanda Widiana

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Ajeng Widiastutie

A good student is not a clever student only. If we talk about a good student, there are two important aspects that we must consider. We can say and decide a student is good if the student can fulfill these two important aspects, which are related with the student’s intelligence and behavior. If a student has a good intelligence and behavior, she or he must be a good student.
First is intelligence, intelligence is an important aspect besides behavior aspect, that determines whether a student can be a good student or not. In this case, intelligence means the student’s brain ability, how fast a student can understand a lesson, and the student’s ability to focus her or his mind on a lesson. Those are about the intelligence aspect and there is also the other aspect, which is as important as intelligence aspect in determining good or not a student is, it is behavior aspect.
Second is behavior, behavior is an important thing too, that must be had to be a good student. There are many things that are included in this aspect, such as the student’s behavior when she or he is in school or in society, the way she or he interacts with someone else, her or his ability to associate with her or his friends and so on.
People maybe always think that a good student is a student who always gets good marks. Of course, it is extremely wrong. A good student must have a good behavior too. I do not know why people still think that a good student is always related with a good mark, but actually the case is we cannot measure the student’s brain ability, even with a number. I do not think that the behavior aspect is more important than the intelligence aspect, because the behavior aspect cannot be measured too. I just think that a good student is a student that has a good intelligence and a good behavior balance.

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How To be Good Student

According to my opinion to be a good student needs certain skills, and these skills can be learned by everyone, so being good student isn’t difficult thing.

First step, You must to study, there is no exception.

But before studying, we should know what kind of learner we are belongs to, because everyone has their own style. Helps us to determine the way and maximalize our studying. As far as I read, there are some types of learner such as visual learner, auditory learner, visual-auditory learner and…uhmm I forgot, I am sorry.

Visual learner for example, has characteristics ; learn by see, likes reading, sounds can break their concentration, so if you are belongs to this type, you should studying in a quite place and make a good notes, because bad notes will make bad mood studying.

Second step, doing well in school/college/university should be your top priority

This is means you should do your best in everything, such as do all of the homework and assigned reading, be sure that you get a syllabus and then study it carefully, this will helps you to prepare yourself.

Third step, has a good behavior.

You shouldn’t come late attend class, because it will interrupt your lecture.

Come to class ready to learn. Turn off the cell phone, pager, or other electronic devices. Do not leave your cell phone on vibrate; it is still a disruption to the class. Be sure that you have gone to the bathroom, gotten something to eat, and have all your necessary books, pens, and paper. You should not be getting up and leaving in the middle of class on a regular basis, even just to make a phone call. Save those types of behaviors for an emergency.

Learn your lecturer, by knowing his or her habits you can avoid trouble

Fourth Step, Develop self-discipline and manage your time well.

Actually self-discipline makes every things easy, so if you feels that you aren’t disciplined person, you should form it as your habit.

Fifth Step, be consistent

It means you doing these steps continuously.

I think that’s all my opinion about how to be a good student, I know that maybe there are still any mistakes on my explanation, so with humbly I asked you to give me a suggestion, advice or comments.

By Ekadeva VP G (07202244015)

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How to Be A Good Student

Being a good student is everyone’s hope but only a few students do the way how to be a good student. Every student knows what should he do to become a good student but they usually forget to try it even don’t want to do it because of laziness.

I will tell you some ways to be be a good student. The first is associating with clever students. Associating with clever students can help you very much. You can share your opinion to them, discuss about your academic, ask for explanation about something that you don’t understand, and many others. Indeed, you can you can imitate the way they study. Maybe, one of them has a special habit in studying which is appropriate with you.

Joining many social activities in campus is the second. There are many social activities in campus that you can join. They give you many experiences relating to social which you will not get in the class. Remember that after you graduate from this university you will face the social environment. How can you face it without any experiences before? By joining social activities early, I suppose it can help you when interacting with society.

The last is keeping on studying your field of study. Never waste your time just to do useless things. Make sure that you study your major in a day. You must be responsible with your major after graduating from this university. It’s a shame when you graduate the university, you don’t master your own subject. There many things to do to become a good student; i think these three ways can represent them all.

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Good student is not only about getting good marks, but also knowledge and precious morals. It is easy to get good marks just by cheating, but not easy to get real knowledge. We have to study hard and pray to the God. Good mark is not a guarantee to get success in the future, in otherwise knowledge is a real asset to reach better future. Precious morals are also important as a base to do something true.

That’s why to be a good student is not easy. Study hard, work hard, praying, and spirit to fight are terms for it. Make study as our habit everyday because like a knife, our brain will be dull if we don’t sharpen it oftentimes. No one can be a good student by cheating, without study and pray.

Asking to other people is also important as a way to be a good student. Someone will be stupid when stop to ask. We don’t need to be shy when asking to other people, because we will get some information which contains some benefits to make up our knowledge.

Rio Herwanto (07202244125/3G)

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Signing up for Classes

* Get a listing of the classes offered.
* Make sure you get the classes you need that are only offered a specific times of the year. Your counselor can give you this information.
* Before signing up for a class ask other students who have had the class what to expect.
* Ask which professors are the best and why.
* Pick the best classes, professors, in the times you want them.
* Check the class schedule to see when finals are for each class you are taking. Make sure that two or more of your heavy class do not have back-to-back finals. Having finals on separate days gives you a chance to study in between each final for the next one coming up. Back-to-back finals blows your mind.
* Sign up early to get your selection of classes.

Calendaring & Planning

* Find out how long the term or semester is.
* Get a calendar showing a whole month for each of the months of the term/semester .
* Usually a class syllabus is issued the first day of class. This usually lists the major assignments and their due dates.
* Mark on your calendars the dates that each of the assignments are due from each class.
* Look to see if there are places where there are two many items due all at the same time. If they exist, then look for empty spots on the calendar before the crowded due date, in which you can arbitrarily move assignments so you and get them done way before they are due.
* Move the type of assignments will not involve other people or are tied to knowledge you must have to complete the assignment.
* Often research for papers can be done well in advance of the paper’s due date. By taking advantage of small blocks of time as they become available early in the term/semester the work can get done a bit at a time.
* To make sure the work gets done, set up a work schedule for each item to be done. Set your own due dates in advance of the professor’s, so if anything happens, the assignment can still get done in time.
* As new assignments are given throughout the term/semester write them in immediately on the appropriate calendar sheet and calendar how you will get the work done for the assignment.

by Dyah Setya N.



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